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93 Milltown Blvd., 3rd Floor, Suite 229 St. Stephen NB E3L 1G5

St. Stephen Area Chamber of Commerce

An association of business people providing a strong and influential voice in matters affecting the business community and the St. Stephen area at large. Affiliated with the provincial, regional and national Chambers of Commerce. “Forging a Brighter Future”

General Information on the St. Stephen Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Dates back over 75 years
  • Currently has over 100 area businesses and individual business people as members.
  • Key speakers regularly.
  • Group insurance available.
  • New executive elected each year.

Executive Members for 2020:

President                          Sarah Conley          

1st Vice-President          Catrina Jackson     

2nd Vice-President        Jason Rideout        

Secretary                          Diane Ganong         

Treasurer                         Amy Daigle              

Past President                Terry Dempsey        


Randy Hogge

Andrew Ludwig

Jeff McShane

Kirk Parker

Abby Pond

Katelyn Rodas

Shelley Scott

Rebecca Smith

Executive Director:

Tara Cleghorn